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With more than 40 years in the Peruvian Paso Breed.....more text here

About the Ranch

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El Rancho la Dilacion & Lone Star Horse Center stand a variety of quality stallions at all times. Our stallions have royal bloodlines and have been selected for their strength and athleticism. 

We offer a $5,000 FOAL INCENTIVE, together with Lone Star Horse Center for any foal sired by JRM Pinton, MRA Carajal or JAP(GT) Gladiador. We will pay incentives for National achievements in the JOR program as well as the US National show. Read more details about the FOAL INCENTIVE program on our Stallions page. 


*MRA Carajal

US National Champion
Breeding Stallion

bay peruvian stallion JRM Pinton

*JRM Pinton

Champion of Champions
Breeding Stallion

bay peruvian stallion JAP Gladiador

JAP(gt) Gladiador

Guatemala National
Best Gaited Horse of Show

WcP Pretoriano

Bozal Colt 2021

About our Horses


Excellent set of mares as basis of our breeding program...


Description of show geldings...use for trail, show

Supporting our Youth

We are focused on supporting youth riders in the Peruvian Horse breed...

Horses for Sale

We always have a selection of horses for sale....

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